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Joanne Williams – Dental Practice Management Consultant

Joanne Williams has been working with dental professionals in Calgary for many years helping with all aspects of dental practice management from administration to clinical. She now works with clinics to implement changes to create a more effective way to manage the practice needs. Creating a system for digital environments and managing all that is required in this new chartless and paperless environment. With many years of experience creating continuing care systems she will help your administration staff, hygiene co ordinator as well as hygienists to manage their patients’ appointments and treatment more effectively.

JDC Dental Consulting taps into years of experience and knowledge to help you develop your dental practice into a successful, well-managed business. Our training techniques will improve your internal communication, as well as the structure, organization and data management processes within all levels of your practice.


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Consulting Program

A dental practice, or any successful business is built on systems that allow constant flow and consistency which will lead to a less stressful environment for your staff and the patients. JDC professional consultants will coach your members on phone etiquette, patient management ,hygiene co-ordination and patient appointment management for continuing care and treatment planning. Office management coaching for leadership and reporting systems. While we are working with your team we will often be adding new information and job tasks for various members, this is done over a series of phases. JDC will be in the clinic working with the staff to ensure that the systems within these phases are understood and working well.


Clinical Assessment

JDC will spend time assessing how the clinic currently operates. During this time we will begin to begin to see ways to streamline the current systems. We will not disturb the flow of the everyday operations we are the to observe only.

Our approach to the issue will work in phases.

Our program will be implemented during over a 12 month to 18 month time.


Clinical Experience

Joanne Williams brings 20 years of dental knowledge in all aspects of the business of dentistry. Training and implemented systems for patient management, recare management,treatment planning , production and accounting. Creating systems that help with the structure within a clinic. Listening to the concerns of her clients helps to create a working environment that all can enjoy.


U R DU Appointment Services

We believe that having an effective recare system is extremely important to your dental practice. The key to a successful continuing care program is to make sure it is a routine task and is done in a systematic way. Recare calling often assigned to staff members who do not have enough time or training to get the best results. Outsourcing your dental services can help increase profitability and overall revenues while keeping your expenses low.

U R DU will look at your active patient base to determined the cost of your outsourcing. We will work on contacting all patients who need to be scheduled. Statistics will be sent monthly and all privacy protocols will be followed to ensure that PIPA (Personal Information Privacy Act) is followed.

Visit U R DU for more information.


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